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Wildstar Farm Construction is Complete

Construction and site work was:

Started in early 2017 and Completed in time for Polly's birthday in September 2019!

Completion Reports
Chicken Palace... (post construction)

Page Contents
Photos of Construction Progress
Time Lapse Photos of Arena Build
Aerial Photos
Latest Architectural Renderings
Pre-Construction Renderings
Completion Reports
Inspections and Reports Post
Fire System Reset
Construction Details
Sliding Door
Egress Update (plans rev 4)
Apartment Update (plans rev 3)
Raise Roof Update (plans rev 2)
Add Bathroom (plans rev 1)
Permit Plans Without Septic
Initial Building Permit Submission
Structural Analysis
As Built Foundation
Foundation Moved For Survey Mismatch
Foundation Plans
Code Compliance
Fire Alarm
Septic BOH Discussion
Drainage and Septic Plan
Lawn Irrigation (sprinklers)
Poolhouse Septic Repair
Light Fixture Interpretation
Septic Finish Grades
Site Information
Setback Requirements
Native Lumber
Sprinkler Reference Info
Reference Designs
Iron Horse (Calhoon) Arena Designs
ZBA Apartment Layout
Post Construction Inspections
17 September 2017 Barn Plans (OUTDATED)
4 August Supplement (OUTDATED)
13 July Supplement (OUTDATED)
10 July Update (OUTDATED)
4 July Foundation Supplement (OUTDATED)
19 June Plans (OUTDATED)
27 April Update (OUTDATED)
20 March Plans (OUTDATED)
19 March Plans (OUTDATED)
Older Renderings
Early Plan Details (OUTDATED)
Foundation Permit Plans (OUTDATED)

Photos of Construction Progress

Completed foundation for the new barn
Construction Photo Essay Many more photos of the whole construction process.

Ring Interior Photos


Aerial view from the west arena door

Aerial Photos

Drone Videos: Video 1 Video 2

James Guarino took these photos from his drone:
Site After Construction

This shows the site after construction. The images outside the property line are greyed.






Time Lapse Arena Erection

Day 1 Wednesday 24 January 2018
Day 2 Thursday 25 January 2018
Day 3 Friday 26 January 2018
Day 4 Saturday 27 January 2018
Day 5 Sunday 28 January 2018
Day 6 Monday 29 January 2018
Day 7 Wednesday 31 January 2018
Day 8 1 February 2018
Day 9 2 February 2018

Latest Renderings

Cross section looking east in the middle of barn and arena:

Similar cross section looking east in the middle of barn and arena showing greater barn detail:

Cross section looking north showing the barn north of the aisle:

Pre-Construction Renderings

Pre Construction Site View

Aerial View

Bedroom Looking East

Bedroom Looking West

Living Room Looking East

Living Room Looking West

Dining Room

In Tack Room

In Ring

Looking South

Looking East

Tack Room

Upstairs Hall Rendering

Inspections and Post Completion Reports

2022 Fire Alarm Inspection At this time an updated cellular radio was installed that eliminated the need for a backup phone line.

Completion Reports and Affidavits

After completion of the project at the time the apartment Special Permit came up for renewal Wildstar submitted a letter justifying that the apartment did not need a Special Permit. Chris Canney the building inspector responded on 27 May 2020 by email in this way:

Sorry for the delayed response, it has been a busy couple of weeks at the Building Department. I think your letter does a good job of spelling out the size and scope of the agricultural use of your property and connects the use of the apartment directly to the care and maintenance of the animals living in the barn. I agree with your assessment that the apartment is incidental to the agricultural use and therefore is not subject to the local Zoning Bylaw’s Special Permit requirements per MGL 40A Section 3. As you state at the beginning of the letter, if the use of the apartment changes in the future to no longer be directly in support of, or incidental to, the agricultural use of the property, then you will be required to obtain a Special Permit for the new use.

Since the Sherborn General Bylaw requires that I conduct an annual stable inspection, I will have plenty of opportunities to visit the property and ensure that the agricultural use is maintained.

Certificate of Occupancy (via ftp 115Kb)
Building Permit with all final signatures. (via ftp 550Kb)

Wet signed Certificate of Substantial Completion (via ftp 1.6Mb)

Pool Cabana and Barn Septic Certificate of Compliance (via ftp 2.6Mb)

Final Construction Control Affidavit (via ftp 43Kb)

Final Field report 7/27/19 (via ftp 6.5Mb) (this final report contains all prior field reports)
Structural Engineer Report (via ftp 8.3Mb) April 2019.
Structural Engineer Fax Cover sheet (via ftp 209kb) April 2019.
Structural Engineer Affidavit (via ftp 60kb) April 2019.

The architectural design was done in Revit. The Revit design is kept in the A360 system that the Architectect uses to share the design. A360 3D Model (Revit Design) A login is required to access this design. Extracted data in PDF format is published later on this page.

Construction Details

Sliding Door

The last construction task was the design:
construction and installation:
of this barn door:

The man door in the middle is provided so the sliding door provides a legal handicap exit.
If the sliding door is open far enough that the man door becomes obstructed than there is a sufficient opening to satisfy the handicap exit rules.

Structural anlysis was done on this door because the top section is fairly narrow 2 by 3 steel channel and a top panel with steel plates was required to satisfy wind loads:
and the possible load of sliding the door into an obstruction:

Barn Permit Plans Egress Update (revision 4)

These plans were submitted to amend the exit route allowing egress through the sliding door of the old barn. The egress is enabled by putting a man door in the sliding door and positioning the man door so that if the sliding door is opened an acceptable egress exists when the man door passes beyond the side of the aisle opening.

Egress Paths through the 6 bay old barn.
Top View of sliding door assembly showing critical dimensions. This view also shows that the sliding door track is at a slight angle to facilitate window frame clearance.
Elevation View showing end view of the barn with the sliding door positioned at the critical point where the man door starts to be obstructed.
Section View showing proposed mounting methods for the tracks.

Barn Permit Plans Apartment Update (revision 3)

These plans were submitted to amend the building permit a second time. They add the apartment and raise the roof in the hayloft perimeter to make better use of the hayloft space. Unfortunately the north windows of the apartment have to be eliminated to accomplish this.

3D Views
Code Summary page 1
Code Summary page 2
Overall Plans
Barn Level 1 enlarged plan
Barn Level 2 enlarged plan
Roof Plan (enlarged)
Overall Building Elevations
Building Elevations enlarged sheet 1
Building Elevations enlarged sheet 2
Interior Elevations
Building Sections sheet 1
Building Sections sheet 2
Wall Sections sheet 1
Wall Sections sheet 2
Window and Door Types and Details
Arena Ramp and Egress Stair
Stair and Ramp Details
Reflected Ceiling Plan
A360 3D Model (Revit Design) A login is required to access this design.

Barn Permit Plans Raise Roof (Revision 2)

These plans were a draft of what to submit to amend the building permit to add the apartment. They add the apartment and raise the roof in the hayloft perimeter to make better use of the hayloft space. Unfortunately the north windows of the apartment have to be eliminated to accomplish this.

3D Views
Code Summary page 1
Code Summary page 2
Overall Plans
Barn Level 1 enlarged plan
Barn Level 2 enlarged plan
Roof Plan (enlarged)
Overall Building Elevations
Building Elevations enlarged sheet 1
Building Elevations enlarged sheet 2
Interior Elevations
Building Sections sheet 1
Building Sections sheet 2
Window and Door Types and Details
Arena Ramp and Egress Stair
Stair and Ramp Details

Barn Permit Plans Bathroom Update (revision 1)

These plans will be submitted to amend the building permit of 28 December 2017 adding the first floor bathroom and the kitchenette sink..

Tack room toilet area.
Saddle Carosel and Tack Lockers.
Windows to the arena
Door to owners tack room.
Toilet east wall.
Toilet north wall.
Toilet south wall.
Toilet west wall.
Laundry east wall.
Laundry west wall.

Permit Plans Update Removes 'Future' Items

These plans update the overall design to remove all mention of the apartment, bathroom and fixtures that require plumbing (listed as future items in the 12/28 permit plans). They were required by the town to issue a building permit for the barn while pool septic system repair was incomplete. Everyone agreed that the plans could be amended to add the septic related systems once the pool septic repair was complete.

Enlarged Plan Barn Level 1
Enlarged plan Barn Level 2
Building Sections sheet 1
Building Sections sheet 2
Wall Sections

Barn Permit Plans

These plans were submitted for a building permit on 28 December 2017.

3D Views
Code Summary Sheet 1
Code Summary Sheet 2
Overall Plans
Enlarged Plan Barn Level 1
Enlarged plan Barn Level 2
Roof Plan
Overall Building Elevations
Enlarged Building Elevations sheet 1
Enlarged Building Elevations sheet 2
Building Sections sheet 1
Building Sections sheet 2
Wall Sections
Arena Ramp and Egress Stair
Stair and Ramp Details
Ceiling Plan
Structural Design 1
Structural Design 2
Structural Design 3

Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis was done by Victor Popp. Producing these documents:

Report on as built design
Fax Cover sheet

As Built Foundation Plan

As Built foundation plan: AsBuiltFoundation.pdf (via ftp 86Kb) by Colonial Engineering. CAD data for the As Built foundation plan: AsBuiltFoundation.dwg (via ftp 192Kb).

Foundation Plans Moved for Survey Issues

Final survey data showed the barn to be 6 inches off in the GLM survey. The arena and new barn positions were adjusted to maintain setback clearances. These new positions are reflected in the architectural plans dated 17 September 2017 and any later updates.
Adjustment showing old and new positions
Updated barn positions in CAD (ftp 382 Kb)

Foundation Plans

4 July 2017 Foundation Structural Plans as a PDF file, these are the final plans from Michael Fillion. All later updates to the barn area foundation are from Victor Popp.
Autocad design for the Final Foundation plans (ftp 2.1Mb)
Requested Offset staking

Code Compilance

Code compliance was performed by Harold Cutler. The code that applies is the Eighth edition of the Mass. building code which consists of the 2009 IBC with Mass amendments. The result of that compliance analysis was included verbatum as text in the overall architectural plans. These plans were submitted as part of the initial arena design and have been included with each sucessive set of architectural plans. On 1 February 2018 Mr. Cutler when asked if we could use his name and credentials said by email: "That’s fine. I have been an integral part of the development of the plans for the project and concur with the accessory use designation given the restriction to occupancy of the apartment by a barn manager." In actual fact the characterization of the apartment as an accessory use was first used in a draft of the code analysis by Mr. Cutler.

Fire Alarm

Wildstar installed a commercial grade fire alarm. Although the Wildstar code consultant did not believe that this was true the building inspector claimed that Massachusetts code amendments required sprinklers throughout the facility. He then encouraged Wildstar to obtain a variance to allow what the code consultant expected to be required.

Wildstar obtained this variance to allow sprinklers only in the apartment section. Part of the variance said that the Fire Offical had to approve the Fire Alarm systems. That official did not accept the original design (presented at the variance hearing) which expanded the existing house and barn alarms to the entire new facility. The Fire Official wanted a commercial grade alarm system. Rather than delay the project Wildstar installed the much more expensive commercial system.

Sirens and strobes in a horse riding area are considered by PATH to be a hazard to riders. Any triggering of these is likely to spook a horse and injure the rider. Other jurisdictions prohibit these items in a riding arena. Rather than fight this issue Wildstar has installed them as demanded by the Fire Official. Wildstar has requested of the Sherborn Fire Department that this requirement be eliminated, this has has not yet occured. (The elimination is a simple programming update to the existing system.)

A commercial grade fire alarm system is installed. This is the Fire alarm record of completion.

See the Barn Fire Panel page for zone information.

Fire Reset After Alarm

When the fire alarm system detects an alarm it is supposed to call the fire department. Apartment issues are not supposed to set off the sirens and strobes in the arena. About 10 June 2023 the alarm system correctly detected smoke in the apartment. This correctly did not trigger arena alerts, but, the fire department was not called until much later (perhaps an hour) after calls to the people! The behavior was about what we expect if the house detects smoke, but, calling for confirmation first is not supposed to be allowed for the barn system.

Clearing the alarm so it turns off the audible and strobe signalling requires a human intervention. Press and hold the Reset button in the fire panel until it says 'Output in Progress'. Then enter *259## on the panel. This should reset the alarm and turn off the signalling. NOTE: if the cause is still present the system will detect it again and trigger a new alarm.


A complete discussion of sprinkers and fire alarm requirements is in the Sprinkler Appeal page.

Septic Discussion with the Board of Health

Civilized Solutions prepared a 31 January 2017 letter for the Board of Health discussing why the existing septic system could support an additional bedroom. The letter states that the system can support a 5 bedroom flow with a 50 percent overcapacity for the installation of a garbage grinder. No garbage grinder is installed or planned.

Wildstar's expectation in addition to this letter is that the site should be considered as a multi-structure campus in the same way as the Pope campus at 26 Bullard Street was considered. The bedroom count evaluation there was performed on a building by building basis rather than by adding up the room count of each building.

The existing house at 16 Nason Hill Lane contains four bedrooms. The current assessment records have this narrative:

This parcel contains 11.3 ACRES of land mainly classified as ONE FAM with a CONTEMP Building built about 1980, having primarily WOOD Exterior and 8445 Square Feet, with 1 Unit, 4 Baths, 0 3/4 Bath, 1 HalfBath, 9 Rooms, and 4 Bdrms.

Spelling and capitalization from the narrative.

The health agent gets a slightly different room count by counting one of the basement rooms. He also considered the kitchen and dining room a single room.

The barn and associated apartment contain one bedroom. There are two conditioned rooms in the apartment plus the tack room and office. There is one bathroom in the apartment and on half bath adjacent to the tack room. There is also an entry-way containing a sink and washer/dryer adjacent to the tack room.

The Board of Health indicated that they would approve this system with a deed restriction when a full septic plan for the barn was proposed.

Drainage and Septic Layout

Joe Marquedant is following on from the work by Civilized Solutions. He has completed drainage plans for the barn and arena:
Drainage Page 1
Drainage Page 2
As well as a septic design:
Septic Page 1
Septic Page 2
On Monday 14 November 2017 the Board of Health approved these plans giving the health agent authority to grant final approvals when Fred King renews his license. The Board wants the pool septic repair completed before approval of the apartment. The pipe was lined from the new pumping chamber up to the pool house. The final approval is still pending a signoff from GLM. Unfortunately the septic engineer that was doing the work has left GLM.

Lawn Irrigation

Lawn sprinkler systems and maps
Zone List and map PDF file (word document)

Septic Finish Grades

On 25 July 2019 Joe Marquedant submitted a Finish Grades Survey (DWG file) to the town of Sherborn completing the septic construction for the barn. This survey also included finish grades for the pool repair and completes that construction too.

Septic Layout

Civilized Solutions proposed two possible choices for the septic layout and connection to the existing septic system. The Gravity system is the selected strategy.

Gravity fed septic design This passes under the chicken coop and runs entirely by gravity. Supplement Sheet 1
Pumped septic design This has less disturbance but requires a pump and associated alarm.

The septic system from the barn to the D-box of the house septic system was built, inspected by Mark Oram and approved for cover. This is the as build septic plan.

Poolhouse Septic Repair

When the house was purchased a cesspool was found southeast of the outdoor pool that supported a toilet and shower in the pool house. This failed title 5. The sellers provided an approved design for repair of this system that replaced the cesspool with a pumped system. The pump basin joins the house septic system. The initial design did not have a cleanout anywhere in this line and was updated to add the cleanout. The pump basin and forced main were constructed after the purchase of the house. The septic system for the barn apartment requires that this pool house repair is completed prior to approval.

Pool septic repair initial design This design is what was presented to the board of health. It required modification to add cleanouts.

As built plan for pool septic repair.

Final Compliance for this repair was recieved on 3 October 2019.

Light Fixture Interpretation

Wildstar wanted to use inexpensive Shop light LED luninares from Costco throughout the barn and arena. These fixtures are UL dust and damp rated. The electrical inspector pushed our electrician to use vapor sealed fixtures in the barn aisles. His rationale was that dust and wet rated fixtures were needed in a barn. The fixtures used were dust and wet rated with a cord that plugged in to an outlet. They cost three times what the Costco luninares cost. The inspector then wanted the fixtures to be connected by runs of conduit. The electrician modified the fixtures removing the cord, drilling holes and attaching conduit to the holes. The inspector liked this change. Wildstar believes that the change violates the wet rating and could not be used if wet rated fixtures were actually required. Wildstar consulted a friend (the electrical inspector for a much larger town) who held that only dust rated fixtures should be required in barn aisles (wet rated fixtures are required in areas of animal confinement such as stalls). Given this opinion Wildstar did not object to the fixture modifications which, after modification, were no longer damp rated.

The inspector wanted the same sealed fixtures in the arena. His rationale for this area was that three prong plugs were required. The Costco fixtures only had two prong plugs. Wildstar already owned and had temporarily installed the Costco lights. For the arena Wildstar contacted the state Board of Fire Prevention Regulations. Phone conversations were held with Paul Vigneau in early December 2019 followed by an email on December 7th 2018 with a Request for Interpretation attached. A follow up email was sent on January 11th to Richard Fredette. On May 28th, 2019 a formal response was sent that said that the "authority having jurisdiction ... shall accept listed and labeled equipment...". Long befor this letter arrived the electrical inspector allowed the Costco lights in the arena.

Site Information

The surveyors provided these Pin Locations to reference where the foundation goes. This detail is important because the retaining wall does not have easy corners to pin. The locations were taken from the 17 September 2017 design.

Geotechnical Report from Harry Berlis of McPhail Associates, LLC
Frost Wall Drainage Ideas to supplement Berlis Report

Early GLM layout of the barn site.
REVISED Setbacks SKETCH - 16 NASON HILL LANE.pdf Shows 30 foot rear setback in the area of the planned barn and riding ring. This sketch was used in a dialog with the building inspector. It represents what the building inspector agreed by email should be used for the lot line setbacks and the strategy depicted is what is used in all barn planning.

Existing Conditions (a PDF file)
    15822_EMAIL1.dwg (via FTP) CAD data for existing conditions

As built septic plan
Original design septic plan (part 1)
    Original design septic plan (part 1) (a different scan of the above plan)
Original design septic plan (part 2)
    Original design septic plan (part 2) (a different scan of the above plan)

Setback Requirements

These setback requirements (revised version) were proposed by GLM and confirmed by email with building inspector Henry Fontaine who said: 'As I review I agree with what you have with the exception of the front set-back, it is 60 feet.'. The original sketch incorrectly showed 40 foot distance at the front of the lot while calling out a front setback.

Use of Native Lumber

To be able to use the trees cut from the land Wildstar has become a certified mill. This allows Wildstar to certify native lumber for structural use. This email chain with Mass. DPS shows the trials and tribulations of that process.

Sprinkler Reference Info

Basic Sprinkler Design Info

Reference Designs

Structural design from the 401 Sandy Valley Road project

Iron Horse (Calhoun) Structures

Actual Stamped Plans For the 70' x 216' Wildstar riding arena structure.
Example 80 foot wide truss structure
Example 70 foot wide truss structure
Riding Arena Footings Details.pdf Design information for a prototype arena footing.
Riding Arena Footing.JPG A photo of an example row of arena footings (Wildstar used a full foundation).
Riding Arena Pier.jpg Close up photo of one example arena pier.
Self Drilling screw for attaching wood to Truss Box for screw

ZBA Apartment Layout 25 October 2017

These plans were used for the Sherborn Zoning Board of Appeals special permit hearing.

Apartment Layout
Apartment and tack room section
Section through Bedroom
Section through bathroom and bedroom
Apartment area analysis

Post Construction Inspections

Fire Alarm Inspection 13 November 2020 performed by Shufro Security.

Barn plans 17 September 2017

These plans are correlated with the final Mike Fillion foundation plans.

3D Views
Code Summary sheet 1
Overall Plans
Barn Level 1 Enlarged
Barn Level 2 Enlarged
Roof Plan (enlarged)
Building Elevations (overall)
Building Elevations (enlarged sheet 1)
Building Elevations (enlarged sheet 2)
Building Sections (sheet 1)
Building Sections (sheet 2)
Architectural Supplement to the Foundation Drawings (page 1)
Architectural Supplement to the Foundation Drawings (page 2)
Architectural Supplement to the Foundation Drawings (page 3)
Arena Ramp and Egress Stair
Stair and Ramp Details
Site Layout
Rebar shop Drawing Rev 1 Sheet 1>
Rebar shop Drawing Rev 1 Sheet 2>

OUTDATED Architectural Supplement to Foundation plans 4 Aug 2017

These supplements show the placement of the slab in the barn area and the placement of the footings that support the ramp in the arena. They also contain waterproofing and under slab insulation details.

Architectural Supplement Sheet 1
Architectural Supplement Sheet 2

OUTDATED Barn plans 13 July 2017

These plans are correlated with the final Mike Fillion foundation plans.

3D Views
Code Summary sheet 1
Code Summary sheet 2
Overall Plans
Barn Level 1 Enlarged
Barn Level 2 Enlarged
Roof Plan (enlarged)
Building Elevations (overall)
Building Elevations (enlarged sheet 1)
Building Elevations (enlarged sheet 2)
Building Sections (sheet 1)
Building Sections (sheet 2)
Architectural Supplement to the Foundation Drawings (page 1)
Architectural Supplement to the Foundation Drawings (page 2)
Site Layout

OUTDATED Updates to Barn plans 10 July 2017

These plans update the site layout for the 4 July 2017 foundation plans update.

Site Layout
CAD data for site layout via FTP 456Kb

OUTDATED Architectural Supplement to Foundation plans 4 July 2017

(via ftp 1.0 Mb) Additional data from the architectural plans add information to these plans (i.e. the exact locations of the ramp footings). These plans call out where they have to be coordinated with the architectural plans. This set should be superceeded by the 4 August version above. Check this set to make sure all details are properly superceeded.

OUTDATED Barn plans 19 June 2017

3D Views
Code Summary 1
Code Summary 2
Overall Plans
Barn Level 1 (enlarged)
Barn Level 2 (enlarged)
Roof Plan (enlarged)
Overall Building Elevations
Building Elevations 1 (enlarged)
Building Elevations 2 (enlarged)
Building Sections 1
Building Sections 2
Site Layout
Foundation 3D view 1
Foundation 3D view 2
Foundation 3D view 3

OUTDATED Barn plans 27 April 2017 (update)

17001-A0-0-0.pdf 3D Views
17001-A1-0-0.pdf Three levels of Grid Layout
17001-A1-0-1.pdf Arena Floor plan
17001-A1-0-2.pdf Barn Floor Plan
17001-A1-0-3.pdf Apartment Level Floor Plan
17001-A2-0-0.pdf East, West and North view Elevations
17001-A2-0-1.pdf South view elevations
17001-A2-0-2.pdf Arena view elevations
17001-A3-0-0.pdf Building sections
17001-PH-1.pdf Site layout

OUTDATED Barn plans 4 April 2017 (update)

A1-0-2.pdf Tiling pattern for floor mats in main aisle.


OUTDATED Barn plans 20 March 2017

17001 - Sheet - A0-0-0 - 3D VIEWS.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A0-0-1 - CODE SUMMARY.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A0-0-2 - CODE SUMMARY.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A1-0-0 - OVERALL PLANS.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A1-0-1 - INDOOR RIDING ARENA LEVEL.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A1-0-2 - BARN LEVEL 1 - ENLARGED PLAN.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A1-0-3 - BARN LEVEL 2 - ENLARGED PLAN.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A1-0-4 - ROOF PLAN - ENLARGED.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A2-0-0 - OVERALL BUILDING ELEVATIONS.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A2-0-1 - BUILDING ELEVATIONS - ENLARGED.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A2-0-2 - BUILDING ELEVATIONS - ENLARGED.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A3-0-0 - BUILDING SECTIONS.pdf
17001 - Sheet - A7-0-1 - ENLARGED RAMP AND STAIR PLAN.pdf
17001 - Sheet - PH-1 - PROPOSED SITE LAYOUT.pdf

OUTDATED Barn plans 19 March 2017

17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A0-0-0 - 3D VIEWS.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A0-0-1 - CODE SUMMARY.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A0-0-2 - CODE SUMMARY.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A1-0-0 - OVERALL PLANS.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A1-0-1 - INDOOR RIDING ARENA LEVEL.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A1-0-2 - BARN LEVEL 1 - ENLARGED PLAN.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A1-0-3 - BARN LEVEL 2 - ENLARGED PLAN.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A1-0-4 - ROOF PLAN - ENLARGED.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A2-0-1 - BUILDING ELEVATIONS - ENLARGED.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A2-0-2 - BUILDING ELEVATIONS - ENLARGED.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A3-0-0 - BUILDING SECTIONS.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - A7-0-1 - ENLARGED RAMP AND STAIR PLAN.pdf
17001.00-CENTRAL - Sheet - PH-1 - PROPOSED SITE LAYOUT.pdf

OUTDATED Barn Renderings(older)

Looking East AX1.pdf
Looking South Axon2.pdf
Looking West Axon3.pdf
Looking North Axon1.pdf
Site overview PL-1.pdf
Barn Floorplan PL-3.pdf
Second Floor Floor Outline PL-4.pdf

OUTDATED Plan Details (older)

Top view outline 17001-A100 OVERALL PLANS.pdf
Arena outline with ramp 17001-A101 INDOOR RIDING ARENA LEVEL.pdf
17001-A102 BARN LEVEL 1 PLAN.pdf
17001-A103 BARN LEVEL 2 PLAN.pdf
17001-A1043 ROOF PLAN.pdf
17001-PL1-SITE LAYOUT - 01-30-17.pdf
17001-PL3-FIRST FLOOR BARN - 01-30-17.pdf
17001-PL3-FIRST FLOOR BARN - 01-30-17_annotated.pdf
17001-PL4-SECOND FLOOR BARN - 01-30-17.pdf
Arena sections PL-2-ARENA-01-25-17.pdf
A360 3D Model

OUTDATED Foundation Permit Plans

These foundation permit plans created by Michael Fillion are now out of date. See more current foundation plans above on this page.

Updated Foundation Permit Plans for Review
Foundation Permit Plans
Foundation Permit Plans (printed as a PDF file might be more friendly to systems that are missing fonts)

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