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About Us

The Dragonnorth Group provides quality software development services.

We build Embedded Systems in C and C++. We are experts in wireless sensor networks, 802.15.4 messaging, and TinyOS. Our Embedded Systems work has ranged from oil refinery sensors, to a telephone system on a card. Avionics work melds some of our favorite out of work activities with our embedded systems expertise.

We also build Web infrastructure using HTML and Javascript. We build active pages using ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion and Filemaker Pro. Try some simple HTML tricks accumulated over the years.

When you hire us we bring with us our network of people and our software libraries. To the extent we use our libraries in your solution you are granted a non-exclusive license. This license allows you to continue to use our libraries in any way you wish.

We pride ourselves on delivering a higher level of software quality. This takes more time and a larger initial investment, but, the higher level of quality pays for itself in the end. Quality often means making little things work right. As an example notice how this page reformats itself as you expand and shrink the window.

The Dragonnorth Group
We meld the skills of people with the capabilities of computers.

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Contact: mnewman@dragonnorth.com