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Manure Membership

You can help support Wildstar Farm by buying Manure!
For a grand total of $20 you are entitled to take as much manure as you want (up to two pickup truck loads). Great fertilizer! You may come pick up manure during business hours any time in the calendar year of your membership. You may take as much as you want each time and come as often as you like. We even compost it for you!

$$ Manure Twenty Bucks $$

Yes this is a serious offer. It is important to us in two ways. First, we do have manure and it is great garden fertilizer. Every little bit that gets used for a good purpose makes us happy. Second, special Massachusetts agricultural rules apply to farms that have gross agricultural sales of at least $500. This gross income must come from agricultural products produced on the Farm. Manure sales are a very real component of this agricultural income for us. A total of of 25 Manure co-op members will satisfy this important requirement!

Manure Members

There are 44 manure members.

Insect Control

A number of different insect control methods are available. Wildstar Farm will experiment with some of these methods and choose the ones that are observed to be most effective.

Mosquito Fish Provides a discussion of how to use fish to control mosquitos in drinking troughs.

Mosquito Dunks
Pre-Strike Mosquito Torpedoes for Water Troughs This tablet goes in the trough an prevents growth of larvae for 60 days.

Fly predators from various sources.
Arbico Organics (Cheapest source not a reseller)
Spaulding Labs
Beneficial Insect
Smart Pak


Pathogen_2162009.doc Treatise on horse borne illness (actually lack thereof) and the lack of issues with regard to manure on trails.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis is a viral disease that can affect humans, horses, and birds. The disease is named 'Equine' because it can be fatal to horses not because they are sources of the disease. According to the CDC contact with infected horses does not pose a risk of contracting EEE to humans, other animals, or insects. Horses are considered “dead-end” hosts for the virus; that is, the amount of EEE that accumulates in the equine bloodstream is insufficient to infect humans, other animals, or mosquitoes. As such, EEE is transmitted to humans only through mosquitos, which collect the virus from birds. There are approximately five cases of human EEE infection per year in the U.S. (SOURCE: Eastern Equine Encephalitis Fact Sheet, Departmen of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/Arbor/eeefact.htm).

Farm Income

To be considered a farm under Massachusetts law you must have at least $500 in gross income from products produced on the land.


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