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Soaring and Flying

Airplane Lesson Plans
AOPA instrument course on charts
Managing Margins Presentation
Doug Jacobs Contest Flying Presentations
Ground Launch Procedures by Sierra Mike
Soaring Book Library
Tony Verhulst's reading list: http://home.comcast.net/~verhulst/GBSC/read_lst/read_lst.htm
Sugarbush Friends
Foliage in Vermont 2000
Polly Gets a Duo Ride

Why is there Lift? Bernoulli is commonly misused:
    Plane and Pilot
    University of Frankfurt

http://www.geovisiononline.com/fineweek The highly acclaimed video A Fine Week of Soaring.

Clubs and Organizations

Experimental Aircraft Association
www.glider.com Bill Bartell's soaring pages.
Greater Boston Soaring Club based in Sterling MA.
MIT Soaring Association based in Sterling MA.
Region 1 is the New England organization of soaring pilots and clubs.
Soaring Society of America
Sugarbush Soaring Association based in Warren VT.


The Franklin and I A reminisance by Walter Lob about flying gliders in the late thirties at MIT.
Touching the Clouds (Very special),
Flight in wave at Sugarbush Hindsight on an emergency.
Outlanding at Mifflin 2000 A tale of imprisonment.
Birdstrike Photos The repair of Bonanza N8309N after it struck a bird on 30 April 2000. Also shown are pictures of the damage.

Computing True Airspeed

The spreadsheet AirspeedFromThreeTracks.xls Computes the actual true airspeed of a plane given three GPS tracks taken at the same airspeed. Given three GPS tracks at the same airspeed you can compute a complete solution for the heading on each track and the TAS. The spreadsheet contains actual data taken at low altitude in Lancair IV-P N776CM. Additional data will be added to the spreadsheet as it is collected for other altitudes.

The method came from a good discussion by Doug Grey which can be found at: http://www.ntps.edu/Files/tas_fnl3.pdf. (local copy).

Applications and Support

Soaring applications are listed with other applications supported on the Dragonnorth resources page.

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