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About Us

Embedded Software Development

Your system could be as small as a few hundred lines of code in a temperature sensor to several hundred thousand lines of code in an embedded PBX. Each has issues that we can solve for you. We are a proven leader of large and small embedded systems projects.

Our lead developer has over twenty-five years of experience in software engineering, including thirteen years as a project leader and architect. This experience can be applied to solving your problems.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Waters: Porting the control software for the Acquity Chromatography device to a new hardware platform.
  • Sensicast: An 802.15.4 Mesh Networking System that provides a bidirectional network for remote sensing as well as command and control. (This technology is now owned by www.wirelesssensors.com.)
  • ShipSafe: A security monitoring device for container shipping.
  • A telephone system on a card that acts as a periperal to a PC. For this we invented key embedded PBX techniques, patent 5,875,234.
  • AAL2 streaming transport for an ATM access device.
  • A TCP/IP communication package to link oil refineries and expert systems that optimize their operation.
  • An air data computer for Sailplanes. http://www.ilec-gmbh.com/sn10.htm
  • A retail point of sale terminal in an electronic toll collection system.

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