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About Us

Whether you sell flowers, take photographs or advance Chinese Cuisine we can help you develop and maintain your Web site. Our experts will deliver content appropriate to the needs of small business, connecting you and your customers. Your site is not part of our marketing efforts nor do we try to make your customers ours.

We specialize in sites that use software and databases to expand the utility of the site. Our wide range of skills, including programming, allow us to make the task of updating your web site easy, including allowing you to add to it and update it without having to design web pages yourself.

Our partners add the skills of writing, digital photography and multimedia design. When you, our customer, need a bit more than a simple site we can bring all these skills to the table.

Sites that are examples of our work:

  • The online version of the Flavor and Fortune magazine contains a data driven list of articles and reviews that is updated without changing the web pages.
  • The Warren Playground Dogs site is a fine example of a data driven site that encorporates pictures, automatic updating and many other features. Be sure and click on a dog to see the people associated with that dog.
  • Our Photo library has data driven pages that group images, add captions and allow people to leave comments. Log in as guest and look at the ASCO 1 for an exampe data driven page.
  • Irving Newman Photography contains a photo library of famous individuals from the forties and fifties. People can be found by name and are also organized by where and when the picture was taken.

The Dragonnorth Group
We meld the skills of people with the capabilities of computers.

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