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About Us

Une Etoile de L'Eclypse

We have purchased this horse as Michael Newman's hunt horse to ride in the Norfolk Hunt. The translation of her French name is "A Star of the Eclypse". Her barn name is Luna. (She has been called Ooni and we hope she accepts the new name.) She was located in Virginia and hunted there for a couple of years. She has lots of show experiance as a Grand Prix show jumper. In May of 2022 she was reported to be 15-16 years old. (This was incorrect see chip information below that reports her as foaled in 2004 and 18 years old.) She stands 17.1 hands high and is a registered Belgian Warmblood. (Additional breed info: www.belgianwarmblood.com and www.belgian-warmblood.com)

2022 Coggins Report

Nail in Foot

On June 6th 2024 Luna stepped on a nail. Here is a history of that injury.

Chip Information

Luna has a chip installed. This what that ID reports:

Chip Number981100002303231
Horse ID #5275627
NameUne Etoile de L'Eclypse
Original OwnerMaarten Huygens
Owner localeWellington, FL
Owner ID #4780516
Owner status
(at foaling)
Active Member
AliasesUne Etoile de L'Eclypse
Foal Date8 May 2004
SireOgano Sitte
DamNice de Bray
Current Life
(effective 1 December 2015)


Mike Mounted

In her stall

Head Shot

On a Hunt


These were shot May 27, 2022 when visiting the horse for evaluation and deciding to purchase her.
Mike Jumping (17Mb)
Riding out (20Mb)
Walking on the trail (24Mb)

Show Jumping History

Somewhat long ago she competed at the Grand Prix level in show jumping. The previous owner says that she stopped being willing to jump the 1.5 meter heights and that is why she got her. The videos below are from those competitions.

Une Etoile de l'Eclypse ridden by Marshall Field at Kentucky Summer Classic on July 30, 2013.
This round is from class 560, High Schooling Jumper 1.15m II NO JO and finished 92 of 99.

Ridden by Chloe Field at Hampton Classic 2013.
This round is from class 212, $2,500 Amateur owner jmpr (1.30m) and finished 4 of 40.

Medl Jr. Classic WEF 12 on March 31,2013.

Chad Crosby Congratulations to Chad Crosby of stealingtheshowstable and his customers on the acquisition of Une Etoile de l'Eclypse.

Pre Purchase Exam Report

A prepurchase exam was held with with Dr. Davis of piedmont.vet (540) 364-4950 on June 8th at 10 AM.

Basic summary the horse is in remarkably good condition for the age and history. She might not be a candidate for high level dressage, should be ridden more on the straight rather than in the ring. Some minor lameness RT hind hock and RT coffin found, a 1 out of 5. Dr. Davis's overview was that the only surprise in this exam was how good shape she was in for her age and history. Dr. Davis says that several years of hunting with Norfolk should be expected.

Exam Report

Blood test results

2022 Coggins Report

Exam X-rays

Left Stifle CC

Left Stifle Oblique

Left Stifle Lateral

Left Tarsus DP

Left Tarsus DLPMO

Left Tarsus Lateral

Left Tarsus PLDMO

Left Hind Fetlock Lateral

Left Hind Fetlock DP

Left Fore Fetlock Lateral

Left Fore Fetlock DLPMO

Left Fore Fetlock DP

Left Fore Fetlock DMPLO

Left Fore Fetlock Flexed Lateral

Right Fore Fetlock Lateral

Right Fore Fetlock DLPMO

Right Fore Fetlock DP

Right Fore Fetlock DMPLO

Right Fore Fetlock Flexed Lateral

Right Hind Fetlock Lateral

Right Hind Fetlock DP

Left Right Hind Tarsus DP

Right Tarsus DLPMO

Right Tarsus Lateral

Right Tarsus PLDMO

Right Stifle CC

Right Stifle Oblique

Right Sitfle Lateral

Left Fore Foot Lateral

Left Fore Foot DP

Left Fore Navicular DP

Left Fore Navicular Skyline

Right Fore Foot DP

Right Fore Foot Lateral

Right Fore Navicular DP

Right Fore Navicular Skyline

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