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Michael Newman mnewman@dragonnorth.com 617 821-4608

I started programming at MIT when Spacewar was a new game! My skills grew with the field. I spent more than 15 years at DEC designing computers and building CAD tools to help others design chips and computers.

When I left DEC I consulted for several years and then helped found NetPhone where we made a telephone system on a single card. I was the Director of Software Development and wrote the embedded phone system software. (Patent 5,875,234 is primarily the work of myself and Steve Staudaher the NetPhone hardware designer.) The phone system server was controlled by client applications, which communicated with it over the network. NetPhone got sold to Sonoma Systems and Nortel then bought Sonoma.

Before, during and after my corporate embedded career I did freelance work. This work usually involved combining programming skills with my human interface design skills. I developed software for the leading Air Data Computer for sailplanes. I wrote programs to typeset an annotated bibliography. Later I evolved an interest in Web publishing, especially the infrastructure for small data driven applications. The Photo Library and Mailing Lists of this site are examples of such applications. Another application I built is used at www.flavorandfortune.com. Among other tasks that site presents book reviews and articles out of a database. The application allows the site managers to add and remove reviews without writing web pages.

I then became involved in Mesh Networking: Using groups of computers each with a low power radio. These computers cooperate in sensing and data communications applications. My first work in this area was at Sensicast Systems.

As a co-founder of Wireless Sensors, LLC I acquired a license to the Sensicast technology and adapted it to the Data Center market. Wireless Sensors is now delivering systems that monitor environmental parameters to this market using wireless networking.

The work at Wireless Sensors and Sensicast created an interest in what is now called "The Internet of Things".

At Waters Corporation I ported a large emedded application to an Altera NIOS2 FPGA based embedded platform. I then brought up this system and demonstrated complete instrument operations. The instrument must meet FDA standards for a Medical Instrument. This system runs motors, collects samples from vials and performs Chromotographic chemical analysis on the samples.

At Erallo Systems I was involved in many Wireless sensor projects. Featured on the web site is the Wearable Body Unit. I wrote the TinyOS embedded software that runs in this device and developed the server software that the Body Unit reports to. Also at Erallo I developed a prototype Scale Logging system. This system is a good example of how to use HTML and PHP to report data to a server.

I am expert with 802.15.4 radios, having written drivers, messaging services, network protocols, test and evaluation software etc. I have worked for several large players in the field including Sensicast , Crossbow and GE Global Research. The work with GE resulted in an IEEE paper. At Sensicast I built mesh routers and sensing systems for a variety of tasks including CMU's Lancaster Farms irrigation sensing, vehicle tracking systems and motor condition monitoring. I also had a leading role in Sensicast's artwork monitoring and OEM sensor systems. One project at Sensicast will monitor sewers for overflow on a mesh network that must span a city. At Sensicast I built a set of I/O cards that enable Sensicast's Smart Sensors.

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