Mifflin 2000 15M National Soaring Championships,
May 16-25, 2000

For contest results and scores at the 15M Nationals look here.

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YG has an outlanding adventure. Story and photos!

Years ago I befriended an Amish family. Joel Z. Yoder owns and operates this saw mill.
The white building contains the sawmill.
The saw inside the building.

Joel loves Halflinger horses. They pull buggies or plows. Horses are also ridden for fun and backwoods adventures.

The latest addition at the Yoder home is a deer pen complete with a small herd of three doe.

At Mifflin airport friendly canines are welcome. Here we have a few pictures of them.
A St. Bernard
Are you sure that is a dog?
Dogs are special friends.

First you bank like this...

Meals were held every other day.


Just got this neat ring

A group of us met at the Penn State Ice cream factory called the 'Creamery'. From there (after indulging) we went to visit Mark Mahlmer's wind tunnel and glider construction lab.
Wind tunnel Models
Listening to Mark
The wind tunnel
After the tour we got a group picture at the Nittany lion
Mark also prepared meals

Folks did lots of assembling and taking apart even though most were not flying days.
Errol Drew came in a VW tow bug.
Dave Nadler watches DJ assemble

The weather left something to be desired. 6 out of 10 rain days. It drove the weatherman's wife to drink.

Indoor activities prevailed. This youth makes the most of the maintenance building vacated for our use.

Grid was held often, in spite of grey skies.

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