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About Us

This page is older. Most of what is shown here comes from before 2002. That year is when the data driven Photo Library Database started.

Photographs By Mike

MIT Class of 1976 25th Reunion
Foliage in Vermont 2000
Rides in a DUO for Nick and M. B. These pictures include some air to air shots of Roy Bourgoise in his ASW-17.

Pictures for their own sake
Ironfox at Bristol in 2000 (for WebTV: IronFox 2000)
Ironfox at Bristol in 1999

Photo Library

Engine Failure and Repair in N8309N

Pictures taken at Sugarbush Gliderport

A visit to Drakes's Anchorage Spring 2001 with Joyce and Ed Fredkin.

Vacation with David Wolsk in Tucson February 2001

Gliding story: Touching the Clouds (Very special!)

Polly's helper Leonor

Sonoma Systems summer Bar-B-Que

Polly Comes to the Flying Field and Gets a Duo Ride, October 2000.

The latest toy, a Duo Discus based out of Sterling, MA. (New photos from August.)

Polly and Gail's TreLaghi trip July 2000

Birdstrike Photos Bonanza N8309N struck a bird on 30 April 2000. This page shows pictures of the damage and progress on the repair being performed at Edmunds Aircraft Service.

Asco1 A sailing trip taken February-March 1999

St. John Vacation Polly and Mike celebrate their anniversary New Years day 2000

Incredible Ina's super 75th (birthday party Spring 2000).

Carlos and Anna 2000 Polly, Mike, Ben and Brett visit Terra Nova, Ontario

Mike flew at the Mifflin 2000 15M National Soaring Championships

Elliot street block party

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