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Lilygo Flarm Setup

LILYGO T-Echo LoRa SX1262 Wireless Module 915MHz TTGO Meshtastic Development Board NRF52840 BME-280 version (with barometric pressure sensor) purchase on amazon

Optional: Buy and install IMU/microphone module.
Installation instructions To get at the hardware to install the expansion module you must open the back of the case, there are two small recessed screws in the corners.


If programmed with meshtastic (the above module should be):
  • Collect SoftRF-firmware-v1.1-nRF52.uf2 file from https://github.com/lyusupov/SoftRF/tree/master/software/firmware/binaries/nRF52840/SoftRF/MassStorage This build has a problem with position encoding in legacy mode, see instructions below on how to compile your own UF2 file to fix this. (It is not clear if some later build had the fix built in.)
  • Connect to to USB port
  • Double click top side button to enter bootloader mode and then drag file SoftRF-firmware-v1.1-nRF52.uf2 into main folder
  • Wait for reboot (should be automatic, if not reboot device (one click on top side button)) Find "ID" on startup screen, if not on startup screen scroll through screens with 1 click of lower side botton. Be patient the screen takes two seconds to update after the click.
  • Register and bind your module to a particular aircraft. Instructions are at OGN Aircraft registration is done at: Glidernet.org After registration you must wait for the OGN site to update registration file, this happens at 3:01 or 15:01 of UTC time (optional, if you want your device tracked/logged).
  • Format USB drive on LilyGo as FAT Create a folder called "Aircrafts"
  • Download the ogn.cdb aircraft database file from http://soaringweather.no-ip.info/ADB/data/ogn.cdb and drag and drop in into the "Aircrafts" folder, then reboot the Lilygo device (one click on top side button).
  • To configure the device, Download SoftRF Tool in google play store for android/(A search of the Apple Store did not find SoftRF, other possibles for the iPhone or iPad?) https://github.com/lyusupov/SoftRF/wiki/SoftRF-Configuration-Tool
    Plug usbC port on LilyGo into usbC port of phone using OTG cable (below or equivilent) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09DD4S4D1

    While the defaults are reasonable see this discussion of settings to see what can be configured.

    Note: the USB adapter is sided, it must be plugged in in this orientation:


    Top Side (one click>Reboot device
    Top Side (double click>Enter programming development (DFU) mode
    Bottom side (one click)scroll through screens (2sec to update)
    Bottom side button (two clicks)Backlight on/off
    Bottom side (long press)Off
    Top touchpad
    Tap for radar range change or aircraft ID change

    OPTIONAL: Compile UF2 file

    NOTE: this section has not been tried and validated.

    To compile your own UF2 file to fix the encoding error in legacy mode:
    Follow directions here to install arduino https://github.com/lyusupov/SoftRF/tree/master/software/firmware/source#nrf52840
    Configure to get the compiled hex file: https://www.instructables.com/HOW-TO-GET-HEX-FILE-FROM-ARDUINO-/ Also export a compiled binary (it should be somewhere in the folder or subdirectories): https://randomnerdtutorials.com/bin-binary-files-sketch-arduino-ide/
    download the python script, extract the entire content of the util folder: https://github.com/microsoft/uf2/tree/master/utils
    Use the readme here https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_nRF52_Bootloader
    Install python 3 https://www.python.org/
    Run Python3 from command line
    use one of these commands for the nRF5280 to convert to UF2 file
    uf2conv.py SoftRF.hex -c -f 0xADA52840
    uf2conv.py SoftRF.bin -c -b 0x26000 -f 0xADA52840

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