Voyage of the Asco I, February-March 1999

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Polly reading
Chuck Filming
The Boat
Out to Sea
Ladies at Table
The Kitchen
Polly inside at the table
Gayle reading
Polly the Snorkeler
Beth the Snorkeler
Chuck off the tail
Mike ready to dive
Tieing up
Polly on the front deck
Polly on the front deck
Mike at the bow
ASCO1 at sunset
ASCO1 view 2
ASCO1 view 3
ASCO1 view 4
ASCO1 from the stern
Pilot boat
Anagoda harbour
Chuck in the kitchen
Jim and Beth on the bow
Jim and Beth again
Lovers Nook
Standing on the sail
View forward
Lovers in the Nook again
Leveric port
Sunset 1
Sunset 2
sunset 3
sunset 4
sunset 5
Sunset 6
Polly at table
The cigar man
Stephanie and Hubert the rescued couple
Girls in the van
Sunset 7
Sunset 8
Sunset 9
The trash rescue mission
Aboard the dingy
Beth ashore
Beth backed by an interesting net dress
Up from below
Captain Mike...
...with Admiral Chuck
Overnight stay
Gayle cooking
Mike really likes that captain job
Mike stays at the wheel
Cabin View
Hanging Chair 1
Hanging Chair 2
Hanging Chair 3
Hanging Chair 4
Hanging Chair 5
Hanging Chair 6
Filming at the bow
Good enough to eat!
The eater arrived...
Look for the goats
Goats on the hill
Goat Beach
ASCO1 from the pebble beach
Tree Growth
In the Lagoon
Dingy Train
Agave Terrace
View from Agave
Dineing at Agave
The little men
The diners
Tugboat nose art
The tug captain
Mike gets to play with the tug too