Polly and Mike in St. John New Years 2000

The first two days were spent in flight.

On the first day a flight from Norwood MA to First Flight airport at Kitty Hawk made a fun fuel stop. Wright brothers replicas and the site of the man's first powered flight were observerd.

A rest stop and fine Italian dinner were obtained in Pompano Beach Florida. The hotel suggested by the airport was expensive and a dump but just a short walk down the street a fine little motel was both reasonable and nicer.

After an expensive fuel stop in Provodencial on to St. John. Accomodations were arrainged thru Nancy Hedlund of Caribe Havens who took care of us like we were her family. She suggested we try Tri-Island Car Rental (340) 776-2877 or 2879 which worked out better than we would have thought. Renting on St. Thomas got us picked up at the airport and driven (in our car) to the rental office. We filled out the paperwork and took the ferry to St. John. Even with the extra cost of the ferry for the car we saved money over taxis from the Airport.

Enighed Gardens

The first two nights were spent at an older house called Enighed Gardens. The house was exceptionally well designed and felt like it grew out of the ground. The living room flowed into the porch melding inside and out.

Enighed Gardens View
Enighed Entrance
Enighed shower
Enighed Office
Enighed Livingroom
Enighed Deck
Enighed Deck


Driving around the Island brough us to Vie's for an exceptional and world famous Coconut Pie.

Sugar Mill Windmill

Jolly Diversion

The last few days were spent at Jolly Diversion. This house, like most, sat on the side of a steep hill. The access was exceptional. The driveway climbs the height of two telephone poles and includes a switchback. The pictures show the more dramatic lower half.

Polly looking at Jolly Diversion
Driveway to Jolly Up note Polly at the top
Driveway to Jolly Down Amazingly this is only the midpoint

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