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SD Card Issues

The LOGGER stores data on a Mini SD Card. The LOGGER uses normal files that can be copied for backup purposes to a PC using any SD Card adapter. Restoring is simply copying the files back to the SD Card. Powering off the LOGGER before removing the SD Card is recommended. The LOGGER must be rebooted (powered on) when the SD Card is inserted or changed.

SD cards 32Gb or smaller will work in a LOGGER as they come from the manufacturer.

SD cards that are 64Gb or larger come formatted with a format type called exFAT. The LOGGER can not use this format. Cards this size can be reformatted to the FAT32 format type which can be used on the LOGGER.

Unfortunately Microsoft Windows formatting can not be used to make this change. Microsoft Windows will only format SD Cards to exFAT or NTFS format types neither of which can be used by the LOGGER. A third party formatting tool must be used to format to the FAT32 file system type. Searching for FAT32 Format Program will find many such tools. The tool from EaseUS was tried and found to work on 64Gb Lexar brand SD Cards.

Note: Once the card is formatted to FAT32 Microsoft Windows can still read and write the card.

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