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Before we build PC boards the hardware design was tested on this breadboard. We also used the breadboard to develop the software.

At the left is an IO-Expander-EVM for the TCA9539 chip. This connects via a CAT5 Cable to a Temperature sensor module which has a DS18B2 device. At the right the Prototype board has a Cat-5 tail, a Small PJRC SD Adaptor and a Huzzah ESP8266 development module. The wiring of this module is show on the Processor Module Pinning page.

ESP8266 Information

The Huzzah developement board uses an ESP-12 module which is available from other sources at a lower price.

ESP library documentation is available at: Version 1.6.5 Documentation

There is an ESP12-F that is available for $2.40. It is not clear if this module is certified as an FCC modular device. They appear to be software compatible with the ESP12-E modules from Adafruit. It is also available from ESp12-F for $1.78.

The ESP12-S is available for $2.50, $2 quantity 50 and less in larger numbers. It carries an FCC logo and appears to be certified as a modular device. Discusson on line at: http://www.esp8266.com/viewtopic.php?p=55169.

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