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Logger Network Setup

The LOGGER is a web server. When the LOGGER is first turned on it comes up as a WiFi Access Point (a WiFi router) and also tries to connect to the local WiFi network. After five minutes the LOGGER will disable the access point capability if it was able to connect to a local WiFi network.

To configure the LOGGER networking connect to it just like connecting to a WiFi router. The LOGGER broadcasts a network called "LOGGER_xyz" where xyz is unique for each LOGGER based on the MAC address of that device. No password is required. Many smartphones will give a warning that no internet is available for the LOGGER WiFi router, this is normal and correct, tell the phone to connect anyway.

Once connected to the LOGGER open a browser and bring up the web page: Click on the Network Setup link to bring up this page:

Fill in the router SSID_NAME and press the SET button next to the name. Then fill in the SSID_PASSWORD and press the SET button next to the password.

Reboot the LOGGER and it will connect to the Local Area Network. After the reboot connect to the LOGGER as an access point again to see what local IP address the LOGGER is using. This address is shown near the bottom of the menu column. Connect back to the local WiFi router and use the local IP address to bring up the LOGGER web pages.

NOTE: graphs will not work when connected to the LOGGER as an access point. They use network resources available when connected to the local WiFi router.

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