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The LOGGER is a web server with some extra features. When the LOGGER is first turned on it is also a WiFi Access Point (a WiFi router). If the local network is configured the LOGGER also tries to connect to the local WiFi network as a local web server. Connecting to the local network is not required to monitor airflow. Instructions on this page do not use the local network connection.

Use a Smart Phone, find the WiFi setup page on the phone, the place where which WiFi network to use is normally chosen. Scan for available WiFi networks and the LOGGER will appear in the list. Connect to the LOGGER just like connecting to any other WiFi router. No password is required. (The name the logger uses for the network name is "LOGGER_xyz" where xyz is unique for each LOGGER based on the MAC address of the LOGGER.) Many smartphones will give a warning that no internet is available for the LOGGER WiFi router, this is normal and correct. (Remember the smartphone will not be able to use other things on the internet when connected to the LOGGER WiFi network.)

Once connected to the LOGGER open a browser on the phone type in the web page address: to get his page:

Click on Setup Airflow to bring up this configuration page:

Change the Area Factor to the desired value based on the environment under test. Once a number is entered click on the Set button to set the value. If other changes are made without clicking Set the change will be lost. To ensure that proper setup is performed when the sensor is moved this value is not saved when the LOGGER is turned off or rebooted.

Make sure the sensor is not measuring a flow and click on Zero to zero the sensor. The zero point can drift with time and temperature and is also not saved when the LOGGER is turned off or rebooted. The change in the zero point take effect when the next sample is taken. This can be 5 or 10 seconds after clicking the button.

Return to the measurement page by clicking on home. This page refreshes every few seconds to display changes in the flow sensor. The sensor takes a new sample every 5 seconds so it can take a few seconds to see a change in the observed airflow.

Optional Local Networking

If access on the Local network is desired click on the Full Menu option and refer to the instructions at: http://www.dragonnorth.com/logger/networksetup.php.

NOTE: Some pages in the Full Menu display graphs. The graphs will not work when connected to the LOGGER as an access point. Configuring and connecting to the local network is required to use the graphs.

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