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Licensing Strategy

The LOGGER software is provided in what we call a Published Source model. Each use of the software requires a paid license from Dragonnorth Group. Users of the software get the source code and are free to modify the software. Modified versions that have additional distribution will owe a license fee to Dragonnorth Group.

Hardware Customer

When Hardware is purchased from the Dragonnorth Group and that Hardware comes with our software installed, a license for as many sensors as can be attached to that device is included in the hardware cost.

Honor System

Dragonnorth Group expects that users of our software will pay the appropriate software license fees. We do not build locking into our software to prevent use without payment. We may put some usage reporting tools into the software. At the moment we rely on the honor system for people to pay for the software they use.

License Fees

License fees have a number of different models. The primary model is a small charge per sensor. The current charge is one cent ($0.01) per sensor with a five dollar ($5.00) minimum order.

Maker Example

You are a Maker and want to use Dragonnorth software on your own custom hardware you build for your monitoring your home. The processor running the software has 15 I/O pins and 4 temperature sensors attached. Your cost per sensor is ninteen cents ($0.19), but, you must pay a minimum charge of $5.00. You are welcome to add more sensors (up to 500 total) without any additional cost.

Manufacturer example

You build temperature sensors. You would like to ship a demo module with each sensor. The demo module has a socket for the sensor and a processor running Dragonnorth software. You plan to ship 1700 of these modules in May. If you pay for the month of May you owe Dragonnorth Group a penny per sensor or $17.00 This is larger than $5.00 so the minimum charge does not participate in the price. In June you ship 10 more modules and make a seperate payment for June. For June you owe five dollars, ($5.00) the minimum charge. Had you anticipated the additional shipment and paid for it with your May payment you could have paid $17.10 in May.

Support Costs

The software licensing discussed above does not include support. Support may be offered for additional charges. Early in our product lifetime support will only be offered on a time, travel and materials cost basis.

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