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Loading Logger Code

This page discusses how to load new firmware supplied as a binary file by Dragonnorth into a LOGGER processor module.


Programming Module
Node MCU Loader
Dip Switches
Loading Firmware

Network Code Update

The LOGGER supports loading code over the internet starting with software version 1x59. To maintain security when loading code over the internet firmware can only be loaded by download from www.dragonnorth.com.

Select "Update Firmware" from the menu on a logger. The LATEST firmware is offered by default. Click the "Update Firmware" button to initiate a firmware update. Old versions can be loaded by putting the version number in the box. A typical version number is 1x59. With the version number in the box click the button to start the update. Ensure that the LOGGER remains powered until the firmware update completes. The web pages will not be active while the update proceeds.

Programming Module

The LOGGER can also be updated from a PC. Updating from a PC can recover a LOGGER that has lost power or had a bad error in a network update.

The FTDI Friend Adafruit Selectable programming Module is the recommended programmer. It can be selected for 3.3V or 5V power and pinning. It comes configured for 5 volt VCC and 3.3 volt logic levels which is the correct configuration for programming a LOGGER processor module. Drivers for the FTDI chip on this module are available at http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm.

The Adafruit Serial programming cable can also be used.

NodeMCU Loader

A copy of the ESP8266Flasher.exe program for 32 bit and 64 bit windows is bundled with the proper environment and a copy of Version 1(30)-100 of the LOGGER binary here: ESP8266Flasher.zip Download the ZIP file and unpack it. This will create a directory called ESP8266Flasher. Run the appropriate (64 vs 32 bit) ESP8266Flasher.exe from that directory.

The NodeMCU flasher in the above release is open source software and comes from Expresif. The source and program can be obtained from https://github.com/nodemcu/nodemcu-flasher. Dragonnorth is required to provide a link to the source in order to distribute this program. The source is not required to program the LOGGER module.

Dip Switches

The dip switches on the I/O and AC detector modules must be properly configured for the LOGGER to operate and for it to be reloaded see the Module Setup page for complete details.

In summary: The AC detector module should have Switch 1 and Switch 2 down. The I/O module should have Switch 1 and Switch 2 down.

Loading the LOGGER Firmware

Connect the USB to LOGGER cable to the computer and to the LOGGER. The J1 label on the Processor Module is the Ground pin. GND on the programming cable connects to this pin.

Run the appropriate program (32 vs 64 bit) for your Windows environment from the ESP8266Flasher directory. Select the appropriate COM port for your programmer in the ESP866Flasher program.

On the LOGGER processor module press and hold the SW1 button. The Green LED should light brightly. Then press and release the SW2 button. Release the SW1 button. The Green LED should light dimly.

Press the Flash button in the ESP8266 application. It should show the two MAC addresses of your module and load the code. Loading code takes several minutes.

Once the load completes press and release SW2 on the LOGGER processor module to restart the system. It will be running the new firmware. NOTE: it is critical to restart the system by pressing SW2 to reboot it. If an automatic restart occured (as it often does) after the code download the next reboot will hang waiting for a code download. The hang might occur hours later after a watchdog timer or other event that tries to recover by rebooting.


As LOGGER development proceeds new images will be released and placed in the list below. The latest code will always be at the top of the list. Download a new image from this list, unpack the file, and replace the logger.cpp.bin file in the ESP8266Flasher directory with the new image you want to load. The ESP8266Flasher directory was created when ESP8266Flasher was installed in the 'NodeMCU Loader' step above.

Latest ReleaseKey Features
Version 1(60)-158 Allow Named Periods to contain spaces.
Add temperature in Fahrenheit.
Version 1(59)-157 Support for Named Periods.
Version 1(58)-155 Over the Network Code Updates
Water Flow Reporting
Direct Links to Sensor Types
Clock Chip Support (new hardware required)
Out of date releases
Version 1(42)-112 
Version 1(40)-110 
Version 1(38)-108 
Version 1(37)-107 
Version 1(34)-104 
Version 1(33)-103 
Version 1(31)-101 
Version 1(30)-100 
Logger by Dragonnorth Group (Michael Newman). Send comments and corrections to:
Webmaster: mnewman@dragonnorth.com