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We built this prototype car locator system.
The objective was to locate cars in the wholesale auction parking lot. The customer had a team of 6 people that did nothing but run around this parking lot to locate cars. It took them a long time to find a given car.
Dealers bring their cars to be sold. The auction house provides services to the dealer. The dealer can call up and say "change the brake pads" and the auction house has to find the car move it to the appropriate shop and perform the service.
We designed the little blue puck which contains a radio and a GPS. The expectation was that the device would be put in a car when it arrived at the lot and removed when it left. When the car is moved the device turns on the GPS and collects the new position. The position is reported on the radio and logged in a database. The database can be queried to find the current and historical car location.
In the demo application you see plots of where cars are located placed on an aerial photo of the actual lot.
We worried about issues like "can GPS locate a car to a particular parking space?", "how does the radio communication work?" "How do you minimize power use so batteries last a long time?" etc.

Fixes per Car: Fixes per Page:
Min Car ID: Max:
Minutes before a fix is considered old:

Car positions in lat/long and X,Y. GPS fix and routing information.
Car 20Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:36:32gives X: 501 Y 183HDOP: 1.1Sats: 7 Q:2hops: 0R0:0R1:20R2:0R3:0R4:0R5:0
Car 21Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:36:47gives X: 489 Y 145HDOP: 1.9Sats: 6 Q:2hops: 0R0:0R1:21R2:0R3:0R4:0R5:0
Car 22Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:32:44gives X: 539 Y 186HDOP: 1.8Sats: 5 Q:2hops: 1R0:1R1:23R2:22R3:0R4:0R5:0
Car 23Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:35:00gives X: 543 Y 158HDOP: 1.6Sats: 6 Q:1hops: 0R0:0R1:23R2:0R3:0R4:0R5:0
Car 24Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:32:24gives X: 581 Y 176HDOP: 1.6Sats: 6 Q:2hops: 2R0:2R1:23R2:22R3:24R4:0R5:0
Car 25Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:32:09gives X: 592 Y 162HDOP: 1.8Sats: 5 Q:1hops: 3R0:3R1:23R2:22R3:24R4:25R5:0
Car 26Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:35:37gives X: 626 Y 188HDOP: 1.8Sats: 6 Q:1hops: 3R0:3R1:23R2:29R3:28R4:26R5:0
Car 28Lat: 41.876Long:-71.163at 17:33:50gives X: 636 Y 187HDOP: 1.9Sats: 6 Q:2hops: 2R0:2R1:23R2:25R3:28R4:0R5:0
Car 29Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:35:11gives X: 615 Y 176HDOP: 2Sats: 7 Q:2hops: 1R0:1R1:23R2:29R3:0R4:0R5:0
Car 31Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:32:24gives X: 621 Y 181HDOP: 1.4Sats: 7 Q:2hops: 5R0:5R1:23R2:22R3:24R4:28R5:26
Car 32Lat: 41.876Long:-71.165at 17:37:47gives X: 380 Y 184HDOP: 0.9Sats: 9 Q:2hops: 0R0:0R1:32R2:0R3:0R4:0R5:0
Car 33Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:28:06gives X: 494 Y 226HDOP: 2Sats: 4 Q:1hops: 0R0:0R1:33R2:0R3:0R4:0R5:0
Car 34Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:21:51gives X: 520 Y 224HDOP: 1.8Sats: 5 Q:1hops: 5R0:5R1:20R2:38R3:20R4:33R5:32
Car 35Lat: 41.876Long:-71.163at 17:25:20gives X: 652 Y 234HDOP: 1.2Sats: 7 Q:2hops: 2R0:2R1:21R2:31R3:35R4:0R5:0
Car 36Lat: 41.872Long:-71.163at 18:00:00gives X: 677 Y 1,203HDOP: 1.3Sats: 7 Q:1hops: 0R0:0R1:36R2:0R3:0R4:0R5:0
Car 37Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:25:38gives X: 581 Y 228HDOP: 1.3Sats: 7 Q:2hops: 3R0:3R1:21R2:23R3:22R4:37R5:0
Car 38Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:25:46gives X: 551 Y 225HDOP: 1.3Sats: 7 Q:2hops: 3R0:3R1:20R2:21R3:37R4:38R5:0
Car 39Lat: 41.876Long:-71.164at 17:27:50gives X: 531 Y 219HDOP: 1.6Sats: 6 Q:1hops: 0R0:0R1:39R2:0R3:0R4:0R5:0

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