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The Erallo Scale logging system captures weights in a patients home and logs them automatically on a web server. This system is a proof of concept system. The data capture and reporting is robust. The presentation of the data is simplistic.

The scale is observed by the rabbit development module which uses standard 802.11 Wireless networking to send the weights to a database running on a server.

See the Instructions on how to set up and use the scale.

Weight Reports

A tab delimited report for Excel is only available when all of the data for a person or group of people is reported. First Get the full report and then a link to the tab delimited report for Excel will appear.

All People

Person 4614IDTime (server local)KGlbsMScale SequenceScale Time (GMT)
 4002008-02-03 17:29:0468.3150.642008-02-03 22:28:40
 3992008-02-03 17:27:1568.3150.632008-02-03 22:26:51

Logging Data

The scale logs data by making a request request to the page http://www.dragonnorth.com/scalelog.php each correct reference will log a sample in the ScaleLog table. Required arguments are 'PersonID' and 'Password'. All arguments except 'Password' are placed in the table.

Example URL:

All GET and POST variables to the page are placed in a single table in the database. Many rows in the database table are created for each sample logged, one row for each GET/POST variable to the logging page. Each variable name and value is placed in a row of the logging table along with a sequence number that identifies which entries were logged as a group.

The following insert is used:

INSERT INTO ScaleLog (ServerSequence,PersonID,ServerTime,FieldName,FieldValue)

Erallo Work Log for Michael Newman. Send comments and corrections to:
Webmaster: mnewman@dragonnorth.com