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This is sort of a placeholder for Kenya videos. For now links to the raw videos are placed here. Some day a list of edited video files to play may show up here.

MP4 Video Files With Thumbnails and Captions

These should stream and display quickly.

1154Mb 1154Mb
Birds feeding, lions under tree
195Mb 195Mb
Isolated male lion
23Mb 23Mb
Lion chasing birds
47Mb 47Mb
Lions walk away from tree, birds feeding
31206Mb 31206Mb
Driving, closer lions under tree
395Mb 395Mb
Lions under tree up close
4003Kb 4003Kb
Hyenas and birds feeding
788Mb 788Mb
Lion chased away feeders
371Mb 371Mb
Elephant trio
56Mb 56Mb
Bull elephant crosses behind
Hyenas fighting over food

Complete Trip Vidos

These should stream and display quickly.

30 December 2015

Brief Boat Ride
Look at Mikes own face
More interesting Boat Ride

31 December 2015

22Mb 22Mb
332.4Mb 332.4Mb
843.8Mb 843.8Mb

1 January2016

124Mb 124Mb
Polly up and dressed in her tent. This is Glamping.
351Mb 351Mb
River and morning camp site. Note the hippos in the water. You do not swim here.
127Mb 127Mb
Hippo trails leading to morning mounting preperations.
15Mb 15Mb
2425Mb 2425Mb
214Mb 214Mb
1490Mb 1490Mb
322Mb 322Mb
78Mb 78Mb
590Mb 590Mb
1592Mb 1592Mb
214Mb 214Mb
805Mb 805Mb
329Mb 329Mb
1730Mb 1730Mb
399Mb 399Mb
143Mb 143Mb
998Mb 998Mb
83Mb 83Mb
110Mb 110Mb
2117Mb 2117Mb
308Mb 308Mb
2046Mb 2046Mb
98Mb 98Mb
282Mb 282Mb
157Mb 157Mb
56Mb 56Mb
57Mb 57Mb
329Mb 329Mb
190Mb 190Mb
84Mb 84Mb
163Mb 163Mb
125Mb 125Mb
75Mb 75Mb
388Mb 388Mb
39Mb 39Mb
297Mb 297Mb
3Mb 3Mb
11Mb 11Mb
18Mb 18Mb

2 January2016

   112Mb 112Mb
    18Mb 18Mb
  5228Mb 5228Mb
   886Mb 886Mb
  1450Mb 1450Mb
  5998Mb 5998Mb
 16293Mb 16293Mb
  6441Mb 6441Mb
  3635Mb 3635Mb
  1269Mb 1269Mb
 12852Mb 12852Mb
   819Mb 819Mb
    55Mb 55Mb
  2838Mb 2838Mb
 16052Mb 16052Mb
   886Mb 886Mb
  3216Mb 3216Mb
  1125Mb 1125Mb
   882Mb 882Mb
  1576Mb 1576Mb
 10805Mb 10805Mb
  1156Mb 1156Mb
  1868Mb 1868Mb
  1862Mb 1862Mb
  1111Mb 1111Mb
  1486Mb 1486Mb
  2586Mb 2586Mb
   683Mb 683Mb
  2248Mb 2248Mb
  1822Mb 1822Mb
   837Mb 837Mb
  1955Mb 1955Mb
   928Mb 928Mb
   861Mb 861Mb
   824Mb 824Mb
  1771Mb 1771Mb
  2913Mb 2913Mb
  2496Mb 2496Mb
  2312Mb 2312Mb
  1242Mb 1242Mb
   653Mb 653Mb

3 January2016

    54.0Mb 54.0Mb
    73.6Mb 73.6Mb
   368.0Mb 368.0Mb
  3693.1Mb 3693.1Mb
 10020.7Mb 10020.7Mb
  3368.8Mb 3368.8Mb
  2241.5Mb 2241.5Mb
  2705.8Mb 2705.8Mb
   420.2Mb 420.2Mb
  6572.7Mb 6572.7Mb
  7628.9Mb 7628.9Mb
    90.1Mb 90.1Mb
  4271.1Mb 4271.1Mb
   482.6Mb 482.6Mb
  4651.5Mb 4651.5Mb
  2711.1Mb 2711.1Mb
  7345.0Mb 7345.0Mb
 12304.5Mb 12304.5Mb
  1309.3Mb 1309.3Mb
  2445.5Mb 2445.5Mb
 10203.2Mb 10203.2Mb
  7221.7Mb 7221.7Mb
  6889.4Mb 6889.4Mb
   852.8Mb 852.8Mb
 10557.3Mb 10557.3Mb
 33333.3Mb 33333.3Mb
Elephants in the distance. Arriving at camp.
   161.4Mb 161.4Mb
    67.7Mb 67.7Mb
   242.4Mb 242.4Mb
  1891.6Mb 1891.6Mb
  3584.5Mb 3584.5Mb
  4964.4Mb 4964.4Mb
  5296.3Mb 5296.3Mb
  9095.2Mb 9095.2Mb

4 January2016

   481.5Mb 481.5Mb
   481.5Mb 481.5Mb
 11831.8Mb 11831.8Mb
    51.6Mb 51.6Mb
  5289.6Mb 5289.6Mb
 15304.0Mb 15304.0Mb
  2309.7Mb 2309.7Mb
 13281.2Mb 13281.2Mb
  8755.9Mb 8755.9Mb
   856.5Mb 856.5Mb
   468.2Mb 468.2Mb
  8880.7Mb 8880.7Mb
 28549.5Mb 28549.5Mb
  5250.3Mb 5250.3Mb
 16106.4Mb 16106.4Mb
  1871.8Mb 1871.8Mb
 33334.2Mb 33334.2Mb
  1572.6Mb 1572.6Mb
  5032.7Mb 5032.7Mb
   820.5Mb 820.5Mb
  6310.1Mb 6310.1Mb
  5722.8Mb 5722.8Mb
  5285.4Mb 5285.4Mb
   557.7Mb 557.7Mb
  4348.6Mb 4348.6Mb
  3585.5Mb 3585.5Mb
   328.8Mb 328.8Mb
Dinner table
  2694.6Mb 2694.6Mb
Shopping Spoils
  1273.0Mb 1273.0Mb
Polly and Ruth at the store
   425.7Mb 425.7Mb
More Polly at the store
  7343.0Mb 7343.0Mb
  2420.0Mb 2420.0Mb
Relaxing with beverages
  1161.6Mb 1161.6Mb
  1052.9Mb 1052.9Mb
   885.2Mb 885.2Mb
  3612.0Mb 3612.0Mb
   770.9Mb 770.9Mb
  2172.7Mb 2172.7Mb
  1144.8Mb 1144.8Mb
  1065.4Mb 1065.4Mb
   804.1Mb 804.1Mb
  1608.0Mb 1608.0Mb
A masai in the wild
  1994.1Mb 1994.1Mb
  3744.0Mb 3744.0Mb
  5746.8Mb 5746.8Mb
  4194.8Mb 4194.8Mb
  5549.6Mb 5549.6Mb
  4464.0Mb 4464.0Mb
  3399.5Mb 3399.5Mb
Camera and ammunition discussions
  2231.6Mb 2231.6Mb
  6537.8Mb 6537.8Mb
Casual discussions and a view of the horse picket

5 January2016

   409.5Mb 409.5Mb
  2854.4Mb 2854.4Mb
  4007.9Mb 4007.9Mb
  2037.9Mb 2037.9Mb
  4420.1Mb 4420.1Mb
  2082.9Mb 2082.9Mb
   458.6Mb 458.6Mb
 13788.5Mb 13788.5Mb
 21001.2Mb 21001.2Mb
  1176.1Mb 1176.1Mb
 30543.7Mb 30543.7Mb
 13521.3Mb 13521.3Mb
  5646.3Mb 5646.3Mb
  3536.5Mb 3536.5Mb
  9590.6Mb 9590.6Mb
 15841.2Mb 15841.2Mb
  7536.7Mb 7536.7Mb
 13515.3Mb 13515.3Mb
  9469.9Mb 9469.9Mb
 12161.5Mb 12161.5Mb
 10244.3Mb 10244.3Mb
   167.8Mb 167.8Mb
  2279.0Mb 2279.0Mb
  2236.4Mb 2236.4Mb
  2796.4Mb 2796.4Mb
  3615.9Mb 3615.9Mb
 14975.1Mb 14975.1Mb
  9528.7Mb 9528.7Mb
  5209.3Mb 5209.3Mb
  4459.3Mb 4459.3Mb
  2365.8Mb 2365.8Mb
  3448.6Mb 3448.6Mb
  1883.9Mb 1883.9Mb
   619.4Mb 619.4Mb
  5345.6Mb 5345.6Mb
   398.8Mb 398.8Mb

6 January2016

   113.4Mb 113.4Mb
  8508.1Mb 8508.1Mb
  1068.9Mb 1068.9Mb
  3124.3Mb 3124.3Mb
  1276.0Mb 1276.0Mb
  2704.0Mb 2704.0Mb
  6292.7Mb 6292.7Mb
  7956.8Mb 7956.8Mb
  2442.1Mb 2442.1Mb
  2774.2Mb 2774.2Mb
  1300.6Mb 1300.6Mb
  2322.0Mb 2322.0Mb
  5762.6Mb 5762.6Mb
 13338.4Mb 13338.4Mb
  2386.6Mb 2386.6Mb
  6098.9Mb 6098.9Mb
  1878.4Mb 1878.4Mb
  2116.0Mb 2116.0Mb
  1457.0Mb 1457.0Mb
   331.5Mb 331.5Mb
    25.4Mb 25.4Mb
  4563.7Mb 4563.7Mb
  8074.6Mb 8074.6Mb
  3874.1Mb 3874.1Mb
   940.4Mb 940.4Mb
  7914.1Mb 7914.1Mb
  3936.9Mb 3936.9Mb
   421.1Mb 421.1Mb
 11543.7Mb 11543.7Mb
  1950.6Mb 1950.6Mb
  8147.0Mb 8147.0Mb
 16732.9Mb 16732.9Mb
 31196.9Mb 31196.9Mb
  3949.5Mb 3949.5Mb
 40029.4Mb 40029.4Mb
  7881.6Mb 7881.6Mb
  3710.6Mb 3710.6Mb
   564.4Mb 564.4Mb
  3170.7Mb 3170.7Mb
   871.5Mb 871.5Mb
  1000.8Mb 1000.8Mb
   486.3Mb 486.3Mb
  1856.6Mb 1856.6Mb
   449.6Mb 449.6Mb
  5501.5Mb 5501.5Mb
  3292.4Mb 3292.4Mb
  7597.4Mb 7597.4Mb
  1957.6Mb 1957.6Mb
  2545.7Mb 2545.7Mb
Hyenas feeding, birds keep safe distance. Small fight at the end.

7 January2016

  2545.7Mb 2545.7Mb
  608.0Mb 608.0Mb
  634.7Mb 634.7Mb
 1848.0Mb 1848.0Mb
  210.4Mb 210.4Mb
   42.9Mb 42.9Mb
 1721.5Mb 1721.5Mb
  856.4Mb 856.4Mb
  206.3Mb 206.3Mb
 1096.8Mb 1096.8Mb
 1022.6Mb 1022.6Mb
  717.7Mb 717.7Mb
  335.8Mb 335.8Mb
  242.4Mb 242.4Mb
Washing up for lunch
  486.9Mb 486.9Mb
 1631.1Mb 1631.1Mb
   58.2Mb 58.2Mb
   49.2Mb 49.2Mb
  541.0Mb 541.0Mb
 1001.3Mb 1001.3Mb
    1.7Mb 1.7Mb
  145.8Mb 145.8Mb
 1805.8Mb 1805.8Mb
  133.3Mb 133.3Mb
  356.0Mb 356.0Mb
  477.3Mb 477.3Mb
  241.7Mb 241.7Mb
   65.7Mb 65.7Mb
   83.6Mb 83.6Mb
 1091.2Mb 1091.2Mb
  865.0Mb 865.0Mb
  415.6Mb 415.6Mb
  240.9Mb 240.9Mb
  173.3Mb 173.3Mb
  143.1Mb 143.1Mb
   96.4Mb 96.4Mb

8 January2016

  180.1Mb 180.1Mb
  266.0Mb 266.0Mb
  228.0Mb 228.0Mb
  733.7Mb 733.7Mb
 1021.1Mb 1021.1Mb
  731.2Mb 731.2Mb
   93.7Mb 93.7Mb

AVI Video Files

These are big and take time to download. They are really here for reference, use the streaming MPG files above for easy viewing.




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