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Solar Power

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Directory of Incentive Programs in MA

Massachusetts offers a 15% of the cost of installation tax credit up to $1000 max tax credit on renewable energy home improvements. http://www.state.ma.us/doer/programs/renew/renew.htm#taxcred

http://www.masstech.org/solar on a system of 25kw the state will give $3.25 per watt incentive or $81K!

Solar Generation total solar power generated and power usage is collected by a Solar-Log meter. (Consumption includes the cottage.) This system uses two Wilkor WattsOn meters. Consumption is SN 19658 production SN 18290.

Cottage power consumption is reported by a SunBug meter installed in the cottage.

Because of reliability problems with the SolarLog system a new meter was added it can be read at: solaros.datareadings.com with user dragonnorth@gmail.com and password solar123.


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