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Late in December of 2003, just before the initiation of the Green Dog program, the Warren Playground Dog community engaged in a poop pickup and counting effort. A reasonably careful check was made by a total of 8 to 10 people. The area covered was between the third base line and the park fence and along the outfield fence of the diamond nearest to Dean road. This area was chosen because the dogs seem to prefer to leave deposits along the fence line.

A total of 13 poops were found and the location of each poop was logged.

A similar effort was made in late February covering the identical area. A total of 5 poops were found and logged. Another check was done the first of April. The results of these inspections are covered in the table and photo below. Other inspections on about a monthly basis have been added.

There is a noticeable improvement since the implementation of the Brookline off leash hours. The February and April inspections were after several more winter months when the deposits do not decompose and dissapear which should make the comparison more than fair.

The Warren Playground community should not get complacent or reduce our efforts at poop control, instead this record is a reminder that if we as a group want to keep the off leash policy in place our active efforts to clear extra poops on a daily basis will keep the numbers improved over last year and give us a strong argument to say that the program is working.

One Dog owner says:

I for one keep a careful eye out every day I am in the park and always find and remove deposits that were 'missed' by the dog owners. My personal policy is to pick up any poops that I see, and to pick up all trash I see between the poop and the trash can. I know that I leave a lot of trash when I limit my effort in this way, but, feel that if I took all the trash I saw the only thing I would be doing in the park was clearing trash...

Warren Playground Poop History

SymbolDatePoops found
124 December 200313 poops
224 February 20045 poops
31 April 20044 poops with three others found near but outside the original area
44 May 20042 poops
 June 20043 poops
 July 20042 poops
 August 20041 poop
 September 20042 poops
 10 October 2004104 pieces of trash, 6 baseballs, 3 golf balls, 1 tennis ball and No poops
 November 20042 poops
 3 December 20041 poop
 January 20053 poops
 February 20051 poop
 March 20052 poops
 April 20053 poops
 May 20051 poop
 June 2005no poops
 July 20052 poops
 August 20051 poop
 1 September 2005no poops
 October 20051 poop
 December 20051 poop
 January 20062 poops
 6 February 20062 poops
 March 20061 poop
 13 July 20071 poop

Brookline has produced a couple of maps for the Green Dog program.

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