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This photo library is an example of a data driven site. It is very much a work in progress. A great deal of learning by experience is going on. The site tries to be an easy way to manage and present pictures. Some of the thinking involved is presented on the Design Notes page. For a more complete experiance an account is required.

The photographs are listed in a database and grouped into stories. A photo can appear in many stories. The story pages are automatically created from the database. Hand crafted web pages pages can also be listed in the database. When a list of the available stories is presented these web pages are included in the list.

Each photograph has information about the photograph that can be changed and updated such as who the photographer is, when and where the picture was taken etc. Also associated with each photograph is a way for people to write and update comments. Logged in users can add stories and remove the stories that they created. There is no way (yet) for a user to add a photograph.

These pages are still under development and you are helping us test them. Please report problems and suggestions to the webmaster.

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