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Stories are used to group photographs and present sets of photographs to people. Only the stories you created are shown for you to manage. (Managers see all stories.)

Pictures have comments associated with the picture. Anyone who has logged in can add a comment to a picture. When a photo placed in a story the default is to present all of the comments associated with that photo as the text associated with that photo in the story.

Once a story is created you can update the story to reorder the pictures. You can also select which of the comments associated with each picture are presented with the story. Any comments hidden from the story can still be seen by clicking on the picture.

To assign pictures to a story first create the story. Then go to a directory of picture and find the button to Assign Photos to Stories near the bottom of the page. The page that will Assign Photos to Stories gives the opportunity to add a comment as the picture is made a member of the story. This comment is added to the set of comments associated with the photograph. The comment is not special in any way.

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