Weather Page Revision History

Revision history for the Dragonnorth Weather Page.
Update images and links to match major changes in the web pages.
7 February 2020 Use Aviation maps instead of Weather channel maps which stopped updating. Add row of tiny maps at the bottom for the entire week. Go to a 4 column map format every 6 hours over 48 hours.
21 January 2020 Reestablish links to maps.
26 May 2016 Use NOAA maps instead of Weather Channel for prog charts. The weather channel decomitted the simple progs.
8 April 2010 Use improved NOAA map instead of ADDS for METAR map.
6 April 2007 Better links to Dr. Jack thermal models.
8 December 2004 Add METAR list.
3 December 2004 Prog charts for today and tomorrow back to using the Weather Channel maps. Add Jepp radar and cloud map.
10 October 2004 Prog charts now link to NOAA site.
17 September 2004 Added Satellite photo with METARs.
15 April 2004 Added approach plates link and Arrivals link.
24 December 2003 The NOAA weather maps from the ADDS site are now used. The links have been updated to the maps pointed to by the prog charts page from ADDS.
11 June 2003 The Weather Channel took away their maps. Maps from ADDS are used instead resulting in a longer coverage period but a less nice current map.
1 May 2003 Dr. Jack's interface updated to provide for security introduced on their pages.
18 October 2001 Netscape 6.1 has a bug scaling the maps. Each sucessive map is rendered at 1/3 the size of the previous map. Reduce the effect by breaking into sucessive lines.
16 January 2001 Doppler map relinked.
29 November 2000 Counter added.
16 July 2000 Cookies added to preserve the airport ID last used.
1 June 2000 Version information created. Webmaster:
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