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The story on this page is a selection of interesting photos in the directory: Will and Augie Go Flying. The complete set of photos is available at: Will and Augie Go Flying.

I think you are flying too low.

On the ground at Custer SD looking toward Needles Highway

Crazyhorse Monument SD

River along Al-Can Highway

Fire Weed at Watson Lake YT. WWII hanger in background.

Augie catching weeds at Watson Lake YT.

The flight crew Augie & Will

Bailey, standard position.

Camping at Watson Lake YT.

Sunset at Watson Lake YT.

Augie catching weeds at Watson Lake YT.

Glaciers at Denali from 12500 feet

Our flight path from MA to AK and back.

Hey! is that the fuel filler neck?

Watson Lake YT on return flight.

Dorothy(Taylordraft) Will Augie & Bailey

Watson Lake YT

Water bombers at Red Deer AB

Great Falls MT

Al-Can Highway

Mush! Pioneer Park Fairbanks, AK.

River boat on Tanana River. Taken from Pump House restaurant.

Our flight path from MA to AK and back. About 7800 miles, 72 hours, 939 gallons, 3 weeks.

Our altitude profile for the trip. Tops of the blocks are flight altitudes. The low spikes are when we landed and show airport altitude. All stop are labled with airport code.

Denali from 12500 feet, East side.


SD bad lands

Custer SD

Crazyhorse. Much work left to be done.

Scale version of Crazyhorse Monument.

One of many tight tunnels on Needles Highway SD

Devil's Tower SD

Great Falls MT

Calgary AB

Watson Lake YT

Camping at Watson Lake YT

Teslin YT

Fairbanks AK

Northway AK

Fairbanks International AK

Fairbanks International float pond

Fairbanks International AK

Lake near Teslin, YT.

Rain shower along Al-Can Highway.

Ennis_Big Sky MT

Hey Will, I don't think it matters if you go off the runway here. You could even had Augie land here!

Ennis-Big Sky MT. Waiting for thunder storm over Yellowstone.

Lots of windmills all over the Midwest.

VOR approach to Rapid City SD

Brown stripe across center is MA tornado path.

Back to Norwood MA after 3 weeks, 72 hours flying, 939 gallons.

Yikes! That's a lot of gallons, you sure you leaned out the mixture? A trip of a lifetime.

You guys had quite an adventure.

Thanks for sharing the Pictures. Jim Mandeville

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