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EmailFirst NameLast NameDogName
  BobMichaels Abby
  SusanMichaels Abby
  Paulette Abigail
bencgoddard@gmail.com BenGoddard Andre
pk@writebrainconcepts.com PollyKornblith Andre
brett@dragonsouth.com BrettNewman Andre
mnewman@dragonnorth.com MichaelNewman Andre
pk@writebrainconcepts.com PollyKornblith Arlo
brett@dragonsouth.com BrettNewman Arlo
mnewman@dragonnorth.com MichaelNewman Arlo
  Annie Blazer
sfmonsky@aol.com SusanMonsky Bobby
EllenBell@rcn.com EllenBell Brooke
  Andy Chester
seaustrian@rcn.com SusanAustrian Chester
  BayardClarkson Chester
  SueLanders Chester
  SusanMulski Chester
  BillWard Chewy
sshahani@hammondre.com ShalShahani CoCo
himynameismarcy@yahoo.com MarcyDAgostine Cody
  TracyCampion Dudley
GreeneB.bpd@ci.boston.ma.us BernardGreene Dudley
bencgoddard@gmail.com BenGoddard Dylan
pk@writebrainconcepts.com PollyKornblith Dylan
brett@dragonsouth.com BrettNewman Dylan
mnewman@dragonnorth.com MichaelNewman Dylan
martyl7672@aol.com MarthaLynch Fenway
margotgf@aol.com MargotFinley Folly
BPKatie@aol.com KatiePorter George
  Ina Ginger
  Joan Ginger
  Marilyn Ginger
greg_hoffman@hms.harvard.edu GregHoffman Hanna
stephanie_walker@hms.harvard.edu StephanieWalker Hanna
Martai@comcast.net MartaVasquez Hunter
  SofiaVasquez Hunter
sabrahms@rcn.com SallyAbrahms Isabella
kmaloney@labormetrix.com KennethMaloney Isabelle
p.berman@comcast.net PaulaBerman Jackie
sfrankl@bidmc.harvard.edu SusanFrankl Jesse
jharper460@aol.com JillHarper Jessie
everounds@earthlink.net EveRounds Jetson
eandmrivitz@comcast.net BetsyRivitz Joy
  ToniGreatrex Justy
tedandtoni@rcn.com TedWasserman Justy
ndku@yahoo.com ShelleyHotchkiss Keelin
linda.mcquillan@verizon.net LindaMcQuillan Lucky
ileanaanddiego@earthlink.net DiegoLow Lulu
  IleanaMatamoros Lulu
greg_hoffman@hms.harvard.edu GregHoffman Maddie
stephanie_walker@hms.harvard.edu StephanieWalker Maddie
audrey.daum@comcast.net AudreyDaum Maribou
  MeganSampson Max
  BillSchnoor Mickey
roschno@att.net RobertaSchnoor Mickey
joann@winstonfamily.com Jo-AnnWinston Milo
  MeganSampson Minnie
jeanilove@hotmail.com JeanneMiller Murphy
sfmonsky@aol.com SusanMonsky Nellie
schneids16@yahoo.com JohnSchneider Otis
ktrain_476@yahoo.com KristinSchneider Otis
  AlanLucas Paris
bbpt@email.msn.com JaneLucas Paris
halltracy@rcn.com MarthaHallett Percy
artavanis@aol.com PopiArtavanis Phaedra
  SpyrosArtavanis Phaedra
whelankbmd@aol.com KimWhelan Ripley
jharper460@aol.com JillHarper Romeo
mhd1234567@aol.com KarenDiamond Roxanne
  ChuckBerde Rusty
  EvelynBerde Rusty
  MeganSampson Sam
laurababer@comcast.net LauraBaber Smudge
  LeeGreenblatt Smudge
zektera@hotmail.com AlexMcCullough Snickers
courtneylax21@yahoo.com CourtneyMcCullough Snickers
JMcCulcuba@aol.com JohnMcCullough Snickers
JudyMcCul@aol.com JudyMcCullough Snickers
  Kim Sophie
esjx2@aol.com BetsyJacobs Trixie
esjirs@aol.com EdJacobs Trixie
   Allen Tucker
len@photographer.net LenBarlow Tucker
  ChuckBerde Tucker
  EvelynBerde Tucker
elefer@comcast.net ElisaLefer Tucker
mimmacht@aol.com Miriam Macht Wylie
tdewey@rcn.com SusanMorley Zoe

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1. Click in the text box and press the Control key and the letter A to select everything.
2. Press the Control key and the letter C to copy the selection.
3. Open a new email message from your mail program.
4. Click in the To: field and press the Control key and the letter V to paste in the names.
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