Gasser Application

The GASSER program is intended to assist small airport operators who do not use computerized accounting systems. GASSER makes the job of converting manually prepared daily log sheets into bills easy. The GASSER program allows easy computer entry of these logs. From this data GASSER produces bills based on a price list. Bills are for flight time, instruction, gas purchases, tows and miscelaneous charges. GASSER also produces flight time summarys for aircraft, pilots and instructors.

GASSER was originally developed to support the glider operation at Sugarbush Soaring ( As a consequence it handles functions unique to glider sites as well as those appropriate to all FBOs.

GASSER handles payments from customers and maintains an account balance from one month to the next.

GASSER may be used by anyone without charge as long as the copyright notices are preserved.

VersionRelease DateFeatures
  • Add EMAIL-SUBJECT mechanism to allow the user to set the email subject.
  • Check for duplicate flights as new flights are entered and force the user to acknowlege the duplicate flight.
  • Check for duplicate flights and report them as flights are read.
  • Change email sender to prevent some SPAM filters from rejecting email sent by GASSER.
  • Fix problem sending a bare LF through the SMTP services.
  • The SEND-BY-EMAIL command is enhanced to allow sending a file to each customer with an email address.
  • Options which are not allowed in the SEND-BY-EMAIL are no longer offered in the list of what can be sent.
  • SEND-BY-EMAIL command did not read the prices file soon enough to establish the default email accounts and destinations.
  • Glider flights now log the towplane that launched the flight. A new report TOW-SUMMARIES is available to report toplane activity for each towplane.
  • Bills can now be sent by email. New commands are EMAIL-BILLS, CHANGE EMAIL-SERVER and CHANGE EMAIL-SENDER Webmaster: