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Send email to the ShipSafe mailing list.
(If this link does not work for you, an alternate method is provided after the list.)
EmailFirst NameLast Name 
sodavis@realtimeeng.com Stephen Davis  
mnewman@dragonnorth.com Michael Newman DSC00771
gr@techrichconsulting.com Gordon Richardson  
stevesovis@comcast.net Steve Sovis  
yaredw@alum.mit.edu Wael Yared  
Company or organization web site: http://www.shipsafe.biz/

If the ShipSafe mailing list link does not work for you, copy the email addresses in the following text block and paste them into the To: field in an email message.

To copy all the addresses:
1. Click in the text box and press the Control key and the letter A to select everything.
2. Press the Control key and the letter C to copy the selection.
3. Open a new email message from your mail program.
4. Click in the To: field and press the Control key and the letter V to paste in the names.
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