LS8 reference

AD and technical notes: This site is missing Technical Bulletin 8012 TM8012.PDF which must be followed for US certification.

These manuals were sent by the factory either to myself or to Ira Bleiden. They are quite large, be patient Dragonnorth has a fairly slow link.

Flight Manual for LS8-a through e models 8A-E_Flight_Manual2.PDF (5.2Mb)
Maintenance Manual for LS8-a through e models 8A-MAINT_MANUAL2.PDF (7.7Mb)
Flight Manual for LS8-18 models 818_FLIGHT_Manual2.pdf (4.4Mb)
Maintenance Manual for LS8-18 models 818_MAINT_Manual2.pdf (7.3Mb)
LS8-18 corrections to Maintenance Manual - Rev 1 December 2001. Pages 2-6 and 2-7 were incorrectly identified. 818WingValve.pdf

Good afternoon Michael Newman,

Here is the FAA-approved version of the LS8-a Flight Manual. I will send the Maintenance Manual tomorrow morning to avoid mailbox problems.

Next day...find included the LS8-a Maintenance Manual.

Best regards
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